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Innovations and State-of-the-Art Technology
Northeast Georgia Periodontics & Center for Dental Implants is committed to excellence, continually researching to provide the best methods and technology available for our patients. Our office boasts state-of-the-art equipment such as the i-CAT® which places the power of precision directly in our hands. We boast direct access to advanced digital low radiation CAT scan with 3D imaging and treatment tools for implants, oral maxillofacial surgeries, TMJ treatments, sinus evaluations, and orthodontics.  Additionally, our office presents breakthrough computerized painless injection technology, and leading low radiation digital x-ray radiography. Investing in cutting-edge radiography means significant reduction in radiation from CAT scans and x-rays for our patients, with notably improved image detail. All patient radiographs are evaluated on enormous flat panel screens for attention to the greatest detail for patient-doctor collaboration.
Dr. John B. Taylor is committed to providing a superior and caring environment for you.  Dr. received his dental surgery training at Emory University and speciality training for Periodontics from the Medical College of Georgia.  Dr. John B. Taylor travels nationwide to train dentists in the latest techniques, materials, and equipment available to dental surgeons. Dr. John Taylor is at the forefront of his field, developing breakthrough surgeries and publishing in research journals (Int J Periodontics).  Dr. John B. Taylor is an active member of the American Academy of Periodontics, American Dental Association, Northern District Dental Society and the Hall County Dental Society.   

Our Dental Staff is made up of specialized and highly trained individuals who strive to provide energetic and courteous service to all of our patients in an effort to provide efficient and comprehensive treatment.

About The Doctor
Northeast Georgia Periodontics & Center for Dental Implants proudly boast the skills of Dr. John B. Taylor. Dr. John Taylor has been in practice since 1985 and holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Advanced Periodontal Certification.
Dr. Taylor is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Firmly committed to advancement in dentistry and education, Dr. Taylor lectures and trains other dentists in the latest techniques, materials, and equipment available to improve patient care. Dr. Taylor also works closely with the military, teaching enhanced surgical skills and cutting edge technology, as well as collaborating on research in the periodontal field.
Customer Testimonials
"You and your staff were so kind and helped to make me comfortable . . . I am already thrilled with results. I will definitely continue to recommend your office to anyone needing perio work. Thanks again!" ---Jessica (dentist & patient)
"Dr. Taylor, thank you for the wonderful implants. It was much easier than I ever imagined! I can eat apples and steak with no problems or pain. I have already recommended your office to several other friends. Thank you!! ---Gerri
Following an easy surgery, I took one pain pill and waited for discomfort to take the next one. The discomfort never came. Great surgical experience!! ---Melvin
I have had this same procedure at another office previously. But when you did it, I had no pain and my recovery was much faster. You are very kind and caring. I won't go anywhere else. ---Renee
"Dr. Taylor is gentle and takes the extra time required to do superior work!" ---Lee